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Last Updated: 26/03/20

Telephone: 02380 205970

Address: (map)
2 Hulse Road, Banister Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2JX



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What we do
Substance misuse: Drugs:      Alcohol:  
Female only project: No
Typical length of the first-stage programme 13
Typical length of the second-stage programme 13
Mandatory drug/alcohol testing: Randomly / On suspicion
Detoxification available
Detox length  
Alcohol: 0
Opiates: 0
Benzodiazepines: 0
Stimulants: 0
Support available
Supported housing and resettlement:
Education, training & employment
Female only groups:
Philosophy/programme of care: 12-step (inc MM)
CBT/social learning
Therapeutic community
Programme details:
Client work is collaborative, enhancing autonomy, using CBT relapse prevention, the 12 steps and MI. Clients are abstinent while in Francis House and it provides networking social support. Primary and secondary care are combined with clients progressing from one stage to the next. If a client has any difficulties in Francis House we can mutually agree a transfer to one of the other two StreetScene units.
Family support services:
Family meetings can be arranged with staff, and family members can contact the house to see how their client is progressing, with the clients consent. Other support can be provided or signposted for family members depending on need. Residents can have visits from children and families in first phase and have home visits in second phase.
Activities provided for children and families:
Residents can have visits from children and families in first phase and have home visits in second phase. Each house has gardens where children can play under supervision. Children can eat at the house if required and visitors can go on the house walks. In second phase clients can go out for the day with their visitors.
Post treatment support:
Re-integration is provided for the first 4 to 6 weeks. The re-integration package is ten days non-residential treatment spread over 4 - 5 weeks. After-care is one afternoon each week and lasts for as long as a client feels is necessary. Skype support can be provided or phone counselling for people returning to their own area.
Harm reduction policies for clients leaving the programme early:
All clients are given harm minimisation information and an extensive relapse prevention information during treatment. On discharge the harm minimisation is given both verbally and in information packs. Clients are either given support to find local dry housing and access to local services, usually in our own supported accommodation, or are referred back to care co-ordinator.
Resettlement / after-care services:
Our re-integration package is ten days non-residential treatment spread over 4 - 5 weeks. Designed to support clients in the move back into independent living in the community. Clients will attend groups and workshops and participate in the daily structure of the house on the days they come in. This includes meals and clothing washing facilities.
After care is a free twelve week rolling program one afternoon a week consisting of group and workshop activities. Aftercare is available to all StreetScene clients.
Hours a client would typically spend on elements of the programme in a week:
One to one counselling and keyworking: 1
Group work: 14.5
Complementary therapies: 2
Education: 7
Domestic duties: 6
Other activities: 18
Other details:
Self-help meetings
Cycling in the New Forest
Indoor climbing
Treatment completion rate (% clients discharged for)
Treatment complete 0 %
Service user transferred 0 %
Treatment incomplete :
   - client dropped out 0 %
   - treatment withdrawn by provider 0 %
Who we treat
Accepted clients Male / Female
Age range of clients 18 - 75
The following are accepted: Pregnant women
Service users with children
Orders of residence
Clients under Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRRs)
Clients under other community orders
Criminal Justice referrals: Court reports provided
Accompanied court attendance
Child care options: Children can have day visits
Dual diagnosis clients accepted
How the programme is equipped for dual diagnosis or complex needs:
Francis House conducts an assessment and summary of needs which is included in the treatment plan. A GP is involved with medical reviews and the individual treatment plan addresses substance misuse and provides a long-term perspective with other services.
Accepts client on the following prescribed psycho-active medication: Anti-depressants
Exclusions and restrictions to admission:
In general we do not accept schedule 1 offenders into our residential centres; however, a decision can be made in individual circumstances based on accurate, full and current information being provided so that a full risk assessment for the community can be undertaken. This also applies to arson convictions.
Due to restrictions in the premises, deaf, blind and chronically impaired clients cannot be accepted.
Facilities / vacancies
Bed vacancies
Number of Beds Registration Room
Detox Disabled
Gender Contract
4 Drug/alcohol (D/A) Single No Limited Both N/A
2 Drug/alcohol (D/A) Twin No Limited Both N/A
Total registered beds: 18
Ensuite rooms: 6
Shared rooms (3+): 3
Twin rooms: 3
Single rooms: 0
Female-only beds: 0
Male-only beds: 0
Beds for detox: 0
Detox programme details:
No details supplied
Level of wheelchair access: Limited
No. bedrooms with full disabled access: 0
Sign language: No
Pets: No
Level of catering Full
Domestic responsibilities Full
Complementary therapies:
No details supplied
Other facilities (eg. languages spoken, dietary options, religions etc.): Religious holidays observed
Facilities for worship
Dietry requirements
Fees & other info
Gross weekly residential charge: Not yet supplied
Block contracts:
Block contracts costs: Not yet supplied
Other cost-related services:
Reintegration Program: £75 per day
Drug Testing: £22.00 per test in treatment (block purchasers)
£25.00 per test in treatment
£30.00 per test out of treatment and by prior arrangement only
Day Care: £75 per day
Special Diet: £30.00 Vegan per week. (£20.00 for block purchasers)
No additional cost for Vegetarian diet / halal diet
1-1 sessions £40-£80 post treatment.
Other requirements by application.
Stepped Tail-end Detox: From £450.00 additional to agreed weekly cost of treatment.
Court Letters / Reports: £50.00 to £100.00 (£25.00 for block purchasers)
Note all clients who need it will be provided with a basic toiletries package free of charge. (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, Shaving kit etc) depending on requirements and risk assessment.
Detox additional weekly charge  
Alcohol: Not yet supplied
Opiates: Not yet supplied
Benzodiazepines: Not yet supplied
Stimulants: Not yet supplied
Admission and discharge information:
Assessment and admissions:
Clients are assessed either on site or by telephone. The assessment will gather information on drug and alcohol use, criminality, health issues, general information on family and children. Assessment takes about 50 - 60 minutes.
On admission residents will be assigned a counsellor and buddy to help orientate them. Calls can be made to family then calls are restricted for one week. Residents will also be drug tested on arrival.
Additional admission services:
StreetScene provides prison assessments, telephone assessments and the opportunity for all assessments to visit the premises and meet the residents. Special dietary arrangements and spiritual needs will be made before arrival provided we have been made aware of the needs beforehand.
Discharge policies:
Clients who lapse will have their treatment contract reviewed and may be discharged or moved to one of our treatment houses.
Violence is not tolerated.
Constant breach of house rules could result in discharge.
Registration: Care home only
Registered with the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS):
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - from October 2010: No
Local Authorities using this project Barking and Dagenham
East Riding of Yorkshire
Hammersmith and Fulham
Kensington and Chelsea
North Somerset
Tower Hamlets
West Somerset
Local Care Quality Commission(CQC) office: No details supplied
Region: South East
Local Authority area: Hampshire
Drug and Alcohol Team: Hampshire
Primary contact: No details supplied
Contact phone: 01202 467 661
Admission phone: 02380 205970
Quality initiatives
With Client, satisfaction questionnaires both anonymous and non anonymous are used quarterly and at the end of treatment to help with our quality assurance. We have both clinical and non-clinical audits carried out regularly by senior staff from other units. We have monthly review visits by our trustees, the results of which are discussed at our quaterly meetings
Staffing - Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
Clinical: 0
Doctors/psychiatrists: 0
Nurses: 0
Dual-diagnosis workers: 0
General counsellors: 0
Other clinical: 0
Volunteers: 0
Support/non-clinical: 0
Resettlement workers: 0
Children's workers: 0
Service managers: 0
Training/education staff: 0
Other non-clinical: 0
Total FTE paid staff: 0
Staff qualifications:
All staff have the qualifications from NVQ level 3 to Degrees in Addictions. As well as staff based at this unit StreetScene has other staff who work at more than 1 unit covering HR, employment, training and admin as well as a team of night care staff.
Night cover: 24-hours
Reviews / videos
Not available
Service user reviews:
Quotes from clients
‘Loved the house, the staff are excellent and the volunteers, the house itself is spotless and the routine and structure you learn is very good too. I have learned a lot from relapse prevention and group therapy too.’ Luke 2016.
‘I felt very welcomed by everyone, they showed me everything I needed to know and hear.’ Wayne 2016
‘I would recommend this to anyone seeking help, they’ve changed my views on life, cannot wait to put it in to practice.’ Wayne 2016
‘Excellent source of help and solution. Extremely caring and professional.’ Michelle 2016
‘I did not expect anything like this, it is structured and helps saves lives.’ Donald 2016
‘Very good and very happy that I chose to reside here with StreetScene.’ Stuart 2016
‘Absolutely excellent, 1st class, everything was priceless.’ Alex 2016
‘I am very grateful to StreetScene and would strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from addiction.’ Stan 2016
‘Very well run, good teaching methods in relapse prevention. Staff are very tolerant and understanding.’ Gurbinder 2016
‘I didn’t know what to expect when I came here, but whilst I have been here the care and support has been excellent! The staff and my peers are always there for advise and support. I can’t praise he house enough – it has given me my life back.’ Beverley 2016
‘I feel my overall stay at the house has been a smash! Every one of the staff are very nice, I would pass this on to any one in a very positive way.’ Jake 2016
‘Couldn’t get a better start to recovery.’ Christopher 2016.
‘I feel I have been given a new start in life and I thank everyone for all the help.’ Mark 2016.
‘Fantastic. Overall service is phenomenal, staff are great, treated with respect.’ Wayne 2016
‘All of the staff work to the goal of helping people, and all do so with a genuine altruistic want of giving people a chance at life.’ Steve 2016
‘It’s excellent.’ Michael 2017.
‘My experience has been life changing. The staff, my peers, the structure of the p
Professional reviews:
"As a borough we have commissioned a block contract with StreetScene since 2001. We are very happy with the service they provide to our clients, from start to finish on a client's treatment journey. An easy referral process, individualized care packages to meet the ever changing needs of our service users, excellent communication from the staff team and more recently the inclusion of an after­ care package which includes supported housing. As a well established provider, there is a real sense of community which clients continue to access long after they have completed treatment. I would highly recommend them" Team Manager (Community Care & GPSC) DASH,

"We have sent service users to StreetScene for many years and have had good outcomes. The service is always responsive to need and is personalized and client centered." Head of Service - Adults' and Community Services
London Borough of Lambeth

"We have used StreetScene on many occasions and the outcomes for our clients are very good. The referral process is very well organized by Patrick and clients are assessed in a timely manner so as to avoid any delay. The therapeutic program is challenging for clients but is delivered in a caring and supportive way and this enables them to feel safe in facing the issues that they have so that they can move forwards in their lives. StreetScene staff keep in regular contact with us and if there are problems in the placement alert us immediately. They have excellent aftercare and links to housing providers as well."
Care Manager - Ealing Substance Misuse Team

"StreetScene are an organisation that aims for the highest standards in the delivery of care and treatment. I have rarely met such passionate staff and managers who are prepared to go the extra mile for the people they serve. I am sure that they will make a success of any future ventures as the management team are both dedicated to recovery and also very professional in their approach. In my 20 years of regulating

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